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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

How to Bypass Phone verification

How to Bypass Phone verification – Bypass SMS verification:-

You are completing a survey which charges your mobile number and you want to bypass phone verification. This can become difficult if you don’t want to give your phone number or you don’t have one. So, I am writing this tutorial to help you in completing such surveys. You can now bypass SMS verification and complete surveys without giving out your phone number.

how to bypass phone verification

Bypass Phone verification:

I will talk about 2 websites which will allow you to bypass sms verification. You have to visit these sites. The sites will provide you a list of numbers. Select one and enter it during your survey process. Now, you will get verification codes on these sites at your selected numbers which you can then enter and complete your surveys.

1. Receive SMS Online

  2. Pinger

Any of these sites can be used to bypass phone verification. I am demonstrating the use of Receive SMS online.
1:-Go to Receive SMS Online website and you will be provided with numbers like these:

Bypass phone verification

2:-Select any number depending on your country or activity of that number. Click on that selected number and you will see all the incoming messages on that number.

Bypass sms verification

3:- Now, enter that number in your survey and you will get the required verification code on the number you selected in previous step. Use this code to validate your mobile phone and thus, complete your survey.
Thus, you are done with free phone verification. You have not provided your mobile number and also, you don’t lose a penny. You can use this trick to bypass phone verification for any survey or online service.
This was short tutorial on how to bypass SMS verification while completing online surveys. If you know any other websites useful or have any problem in this tutorial on how to bypass Phone verification, please let us know in comments.

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Monday, 17 June 2013

Download Ardamax.Keylogger.v3.9 Free Full Version

Size: 2.14 MB

Ardamax Keylogger is a keystroke recorder that captures user's activity and saves it to an encrypted log file. The log file can be viewed with the powerful Log Viewer. Use this tool to find out what is happening on your computer while you are away, maintain a backup of your typed data automatically or use it to monitor your kids. Also you can use it as a monitoring device for detecting unauthorised access. Logs can be automatically sent to your e-mail address, access to the keylogger is password protected. Besides, Ardamax Keylogger logs information about the Internet addresses the user has visited. 

This invisible spy application is designed for 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7.

Keylogger Features:-

Email log delivery - keylogger can send you recorded logs through e-mail delivery at set times - perfect for remote monitoring!
FTP delivery - Ardamax Keylogger can upload recorded logs through FTP delivery.
Network delivery - sends recorded logs through via LAN.
Clipboard logging - capture all text copied to the Windows Clipboard.

  Invisible mode makes it absolutely invisible to anyone. Ardamax Keylogger is not visible in the task bar, system tray, Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 Task Manager, process viewers (Process Explorer, WinTasks etc.), Start Menu and Windows Startup list.

Visual surveillance - periodically makes screenshots and stores the compressed images to log.
Chat monitoring - Ardamax Keylogger is designed to record and monitor both sides of a conversation in following chats:
Windows Live Messenger 2011
Skype 4
Yahoo Messenger 10
Google Talk
QiP 2010

Security - allows you to protect program settings, Hidden Mode and Log file.
Application monitoring - keylogger will record the application that was in use that received the keystroke!
Time/Date tracking - it allows you to pinpoint the exact time a window received a keystroke!
Powerful Log Viewer - you can view and save the log as a HTML page or plain text with keylogger Log Viewer.
Small size – Ardamax Keylogger is several times smaller than other programs with the same features. It has no additional modules and libraries, so its size is smaller and the performance is higher.

Ardamax Keylogger fully supports Unicode characters which makes it possible to record keystrokes that include characters from Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and many other character sets.
It records every keystroke. Captures passwords and all other invisible text.

Other Features:-

Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7 support
Monitors multi-user machines
Automatic startup
Friendly interface

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

How to Register IDM Latest Free:-

Now you can Make IDM 6:13 or any higher version into full version without using any crack or the patch just do the following:

Install IDM on your computer all buddy, then deactivated once the program IDM [turn off the exit IDM].
After that we'll go edit the registry editor diwindowsnya IDM is registered as a full version in the following ways:

Open the registry editor by typing "regedit" in RUN.
Click OK, and then it will go diregistry windowsnya editor (in this example WindowsXP).

After that open => HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE => SOFTWARE => Internet Download Manager

Safter that we make key that will make the IDM 6:12 3 build a full version with names such as below

 email = hello@from.iota
FName = cyborg
LName = tonix

Or if the key is not immune to the above try this:

Email =
Fname = dyen
Lname  = PS2
Serial   = 22TH1-9R7NW-GAI4H-RXHLL

Do the following:
Right click on the right of the registry editor, and then select New >> String Value as in the example image below.

After that you must first create a string key name Email or rename key with email,
After that the contents of the Value data email: hello@from.iota described above by right clicking on the email key, then click Modify as in the example image below.

Then click OK:

Next create another key for a string FName, LName, and Serial in the same way like that above,
see an example below:

And after everything is done it will be like in the example image below.

Once everything is settled close the registry editor and run the IDM program, and after that IDM build 6:12 3 will be a full version .. not sure if my friend take a look at the menu Register IDM mate, its registration menu is not active again, right ..?

OK ... and Enjoy ...!

Now we just use as much download whatever buddy want.

ENDS ...!

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

How to Download Torrent Files with Opera Browser

How to Download Torrent Files with Opera Browser:-

Hello bloggers this time I still did my best for all my post is really helpful for most people including me think about is how everyone could download an ISO file PS2-I am posting this in my blog, there are two ways that I try to offer to its visitors all the iso file download with uTorrent, torrent download with IDM, this time I will try to explain the easiest way is just to use the browse Opera system, the system will browse opera torrent file can be downloaded instantly without the hassle of-bother to upload everything, but always there is every advantage certainly no shortage of it:

Ok let's start how to download torrent files with OPERA browser:

* Download the latest version Opera_1212_int_Setup.exe first opera HERE or can be directly downloaded on the official website www.opera, com, and install it on your computer and then open and locate pal torrent file that want to download.

* Having met with a torrent file that you want to download and click the download dialog box will appear as below:

* Further change his first Open With: Opera Internet Browser  as above ^ _ ^ and then click open (red box).

* After that, a new tab will appear with a dialog box as shown below:

* Download with: click on the Opera, and then click Open.
* There will be a dialog box again separately specify the destination folder you download the file, then click yes.

* Then download the tab will be checking the file for a while as below and after that it will proceed with the download file and wait until the process is complete ISO files are ready to burn.

* So how to download torrent files with OPERA browser hopefully helpful tutorial for all of us .. 

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Monday, 10 June 2013

Download Torrent Files with IDM

Now You Can Do It Download Torrent Files with IDM :-


We all use Torrent to download various kinds of files like songs,movies,books,software's and much more.The download speed of torrent depends on many factors like seeders,leeches,peers, Internet connection and much more.Sometimes you may face difficulty in downloading torrent files with less seeds which results in slow download.So here I got a trick to Download Torrent Files With IDM. Downloading Torrent Files with IDM is a very good trick to increase your downloading speed of torrent file. and also, If Torrent is blocked in your offices,schools,colleges etc then you can download torrent files with Internet download Manager(IDM) easily


  • First of all download your favorite torrent file which you want to download or copy magnet link from u torrent.


  • Then go to and Signup for a free account there (not necessary).

  • There paste your magnet link or simply hit on upload and choose the torrent file which you have downloaded previously then hit Go.

  • After you hit go your torrent file will be downloaded by high speed servers and your file will be ready to download(If its a large file then wait for few minutes).

  • When you hit download button then a box will pop up asking the type of download which you want either free or premium.Go for free download.


  • That's it your download will be ready and you can download torrent files with idm or any other download manager 


So now you can comfortably download torrent files with IDM without any difficulty.....

Try It Now.......... 


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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 1 Year Activation

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 + 1 Year Activation:- 

Kaspersky have a partnership with hardware manufacturer ASUS and provides its Anti-Virus 2013 free for 1 year to owners of the high end Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) range of motherboards. Although not the Internet Security package with Firewall etc, this version does have other crucial advantages over the CBE edition. Firstly it’s available outside of Germany so you don’t need to edit the languages, English is default. Secondly, Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 ROG edition is available worldwide so there’s no need to use VPN’s and proxies from your country to try and activate it!


If you do not own an ASUS ROG motherboard, attempting to install Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 using their setup installer will fail with the error message “Error has Occurred. Application was not installed. Digital signature of installation files is missing”. After a bit of time and research we’ve come up with a way to install and activate the ROG edition using the standard antivirus package for ALL users, not just those who have Asus ROG motherboards.

There is step by step manual instruction widely available on internet. But I decided to open this topic for lazy folks via AsusMOD, no need to extract any files, install any keys or do any manual job.

-:Instruction :-
2. ***Important***  Rename kav13.0.1.4190abcdefEN_4395 name  to  >>>>   setup


3. Start KAV_2013_AsusMOD and when you see the screen below hit YES 


4. Wait till KAV Setup start then carry on rest of the procedure as you normally do >>>

5. During setup period KAV_2013_AsusMOD extract  necessary files and install 365 days key for you

Done.......Enjoy Your KAV 2013 for 365 Days!

 Tested working on Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit KAV 2013 

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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Internet Download Manager 7.1 Latest Full Version Cracker For Ever Free

 Internet Download Manager 7.1 Latest Full Version Cracker For Ever Free:-
           IDM Latest 7.1 Full Versions Cracked

Internet Download Manager 7.1 is actually a device to improve down load rates of speed by as much as Five times, continue as well as plan downloading.
Extensive fault restoration as well as continue capacity will certainly reboot damaged or even disrupted downloading because of dropped internet connections, system issues, pc shutdowns, or even unforeseen electricity failures. Easy visual interface helps make IDM easy to use and simple to make use of.Internet Download Manager features a intelligent down load reasoning ignition which includes smart powerful document segmentation as well as secure multipart downloading engineering in order to speed up your personal downloading. In contrast to additional down load managers as well as accelerators Internet Download Manager divides saved data effectively throughout down load procedure as well as reuses accessible cable connections without having extra link as well as sign in phases to attain greatest speed overall performance.


Internet Download Manager facilitates web proxy hosts, file transfer protocol as well as http practices, firewalls, redirects, cookies, documentation, MP3 FORMAT sound as well as MPEG movie content material running. IDM combines effortlessly in to Ms Internet Explorer, Netscape, WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER Explorer, AMERICA ONLINE, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Web browser, MyIE2, and all sorts of well-known web browsers in order to instantly manage your own downloading. You may also drag-n-drop data, or utilize Internet Download Manager through command line. Internet Download Manager may dial your own modem in the arranged period, down load the documents you would like, after that say goodbye and even turn off your pc when it is completed.

Some other functions consist of multi-lingual assistance, zip preview, down load groups, scheduler professional, sounds upon various occasions, HTTPS assistance, queue cpu, html assist as well as guide, improved malware safety upon down load finalization, intensifying downloading along with quotas (helpful for connections involving some type of reasonable accessibility plan or even FAP such as Direcway, Immediate PERSONAL COMPUTER, Hughes, and so on.), pre-installed down load accelerator, and many more.

Download IDM Latest 7.1 Full Versions Cracked

Version 7.1 provides Windows 8 suitability, provides IDM down load screen with regard to web-players which you can use in order to down load adobe flash movies through websites such as YouTube, MySpaceTV, as well as Google Videos. Additionally, it functions total Windows 7 and Vista assistance, YouTube grabber, redeveloped scheduler, as well as MMS standard protocol assistance. The brand new edition furthermore provides enhanced utilization with regard to Internet explorer 10 and Internet explorer dependent web browsers, refurbished as well as improved down load engine, the main superior integration in to almost all most recent web browsers, enhanced toolbar, along with a useful some other enhancements as well as new features.
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